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Trips Holidays and Vacations Travel - Austria Hotels and Resorts Information

Trips Holidays and Vacations Travel Europe - Austria Destination

Trips Holidays and Vacations Travel

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Hotels and Resorts in Austria, Europe

Bayrischer Hof Hotel - Situated 15min from Old Town.

Carlton Hotel - 10 min walkin gdistance to the centre.

Cd Salzburg Hotel - located in Messegelande, 10min by public transport to the city center.

Centro Hotel - Centrally located within a few minutes walking distance to the old town.

Cordial Theater Hotel - at the foot of the Kapuzinerberg, next to the historical part of Salzburg.

Crowne Plaza Hotel - located within walking distance from the old city.

Dorint Hotel - 15-20 min walking distance to the Old Town.

Europa Hotel - located opposite train station in center of town.

Gablerbrau Hotel - Nearest station/metro: Hauptbahnhof train station -2km.

Goldener Hirsch Hotel - located on shopping street in the centre of old city.

Hofwirt Hotel - 5-10 min walk to the Historic Old Town.

Kasererbrau Hotel - located in the old city, with easy access to commercial and culturals points of interest.

Kobenzl Hotel - located high on Mt. Gaisber overlloking the city.

Maritime Hotel - situated on the west side of the city, out by the airport.

Mercure Hotel - Rooms with direct-dial phone and radio, some with balcony.

Mozart Hotel - within walking distance of the pedestrian area.

Neutor Hotel - Located near the historical city center.

Radisson Sas Airport Centre Hotel - situated on the west side of the city, towards the airport which also offers excellent shopping facilities.

Renaissance Hotel - located on the right bank of the Salzach river.

Sacher Hotel - all the rooms and suites are tastefully and comfortably furnished.

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Austria Destinations: Graz, Innsbruck, Klagenfurt, Linz, Salzburg, Vienna

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