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Trips Holidays and Vacations Travel - Seychelles Hotels & Beach Resorts Information

Trips Holidays and Vacations Travel Africa - Seychelles Destination

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Hotels & Beach Resorts in Seychelles, Africa

Acajou Hotel Praslin Seychelles - situated on the romantic island of Praslin, an island of rare palms where elusive Black Parrots live.

Anse Soleil Beachcomber Mahe Seychelles - Anse Soleil Beachcomber Mahe Seychelles.

Berjaya Mahe Beach Resort Seychelles - Located on the West Coast of Mahe, 15 km from the capital town.

Blue Lagoon Chalets Mahe Seychelles - situated on one of the most beautiful and tranquil sandy beaches.

Carana Beach Chalets Seychelles - Located on the north point of the island, at Carana.

Casuarina Beach Hotel Mahe Seychelles - located close to the Mahé Airport.

Choppy Beach Bungalows Seychelles - situated at Anse Reunion on La Digue.

Coco de Mer Hotel Praslin Seychelles - situated at Anse Bois de Rose on the Southern coast of Praslin on the beach facing the sea.

Coral Strand Hotel Mahe Seychelles - located directly at the Beau Vallon Bay, the most beautiful beach of Mahe.

New Emerald Cove Praslin Seychelles - provides the perfect gateway to one of the most distinctive islands in the world.

Indian Ocean Lodge Praslin Seychelles - Ideally located on the best beach on the southern coast of Praslin.

La Digue Island Lodge Seychelles - situated on the beach front of Anse Reunion.

L'Archipel Hotel Mahe Seychelles - set in a colourful and exotically scented tropical garden.

La Residence Praslin Seychelles - offers a very good base to explore the rest of Mahe Island.

Lazare Picault Mahe Seychelles - hillside chalets command panoramic view over the beautiful bay of Baie Lazare.

Le Meridien Barbarons Mahe Seychelles - Located on the west coast on an isolated bay.

Le Northolme Hotel Mahe Seychelles - oasis of tranquility in a country which already puts the concept of hustle to shame.

Marechiaro Hotel Praslin Seychelles - situated on the long and romantic beach of Grande Anse.

Paradise Sun Praslin Seychelles - located on the beautiful Anse Volbert of Cote d'Or in Praslin Island.

Plantation Club Mahe Seychelles - situated in an exceptional setting within landscape gardens on the coastal plateau at Val Mer.

Romance Bungalows Mahe Seychelles - set in lush greeneries and beautiful gardens with mountain and sea views.

Sun Resort Village Mahe Seychelles - excellent self-catering property set in amongst lush green vegetation.

Sunset Beach Hotel Mahe Seychelles - gorgeous and intimate setting for a great romantic vacation.

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