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Rome, the capital of Italy, lies on both banks of the Tiber River. It is one of the world's richest cities in art, history and religion. It is also a great center of commerce with printing, publishing, and manufacturing. Modern Rome still holds many of the monuments from its past, including Saint Peter's Church, St. Mary Major and the Lateran.
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Milan is the world's design and fashion capital, but it has much more than a busy commercial center - it has a rich historical tradition. Leonardo Da Vinci came here to work at the Sforza Court - the castle remains as does Da Vinci's famous painting of the Last Supper.
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Surrounded by mellow Tuscan hills and divided by the River Arno, Florence is packed with treasures of art and architecture. In true artistic tradition, painters catch medieval splendors on canvas from shady corners, jewelers and goldsmiths ply their crafts in little shops and elegant boutiques offer quality leather and designer clothes.
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Venice Island
Balanced on 117 islands Venice is unique; it is a work of art with waterways as its streets. The Grand Canal is home to the gondola and vaporetto and lined with colorful stuccoed houses. Smaller canals weave quietly through the city under tiny arched bridges and offer glimpses of traditional shops, hidden piazzas and silent churches beyond.
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