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Trips Holidays and Vacations Travel - Botswana Hotels & Beach Resorts Information

Trips Holidays and Vacations Travel Africa - Botswana Destination

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Hotels & Beach Resorts in Botswana, Africa

Chobe Marina Lodge Kasane Botswana - Book Here!

Cresta Botsalo Hotel Francistown Botswana - in the hot dry expanse between Gaborone and Francistown lies the town of Palapye, where you will find the cool welcoming Cresta Botsalo Hotel.

Cresta Lodge Gaborone Botswana - Whether your stay is for business or pleasure, the Cresta Lodge caters for your needs.

Cresta President Hotel Gaborone Botswana - The imposing Cresta President Hotel is a licensed three-star hotel dominating the heart of Gaborone, located in the central business district.

Cresta Thapama Hotel Francistown Botswana -
Book Here!

Gaborone Sun Hotel Gaborone Botswana -
Book Here!

Grand Palm Hotel Casino Resort Gaborone Botswana - Situated in the capital city, Gaborone, lies one of the country's finest and most respected resorts.

Marang Hotel Francistown Botswana - on the banks of the Tati River, just 5 kilometres out of Francistown.

Mowana Safari Lodge Kasane Botswana - The place where the mighty baobab marks the entry into the mysterious ways of the African wild.

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